Eye-locks and Other Fearsome Things: Learning to Love as a Bipolar Aspie

Yesterday I received an email from Ellen Stockdale Wolfe.

Ellen has written a book (title as above) and wondered if I would include it on our blog.

Certainly the book’s title would indicate that it could be relevant to our members.

Additionally, it has been a plan of mine to read and review books and to include those reviews on this blog.  Doing so in the hope that other members would also read those books and review those books and share their opinions.

But at this particular moment in time the pile of books I need to plough through is fairly large and so rather than wait I thought I would just notify members of the existence of this book without my having read it first.

Ellen is an independent author and her book ‘Eye-locks and Other Fearsome Things: Learning to Love as a Bipolar Aspie‘ is currently available on Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook.  It will also be available on iBooks, iPad, etc at the end of the month.

On her page on the Independent Authors Networks it states that…

Ellen comes to understand that her own fear of closeness and her emotional dissociation makes her incapable of real love. After the breakdown she must start from square one. She recounts the healing process of therapy and her rich inner world of synchronicity which is sometimes exhilarating, often terrifying, and, for a period, psychotic. Ellen is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder but decides she is also autistic. Decades later, this self-diagnosis is corroborated by another psychiatrist as Asperger’s Syndrome, the now well-known Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

Going on to state that…

The book is written in narrative form with dialogue and interior thought processes. The episodes are drawn from the writer’s contemporaneous diaries and writings, thus adhering closely to the truth. The story is not just a psychological portrayal of Bipolar Disorder and Asperger’s syndrome. Subplots also portray Black life in the 1980s and the homosexual lifestyle of the period.

Since many of our members do suffer from Bipolar Disorder and some of us also have Asperger’s I thought that I would share the information about this book with you all.

2 comments on “Eye-locks and Other Fearsome Things: Learning to Love as a Bipolar Aspie

  1. Dear Boldkevin,

    Many, many thanks for featuring my eBook on your website. The book was written to reach out to mentally ill people who feel as i did, that they have little hope of finding love. I am so glad you put it out there.

    Thank you SO much!!! Will be exploring your website in depth.


    • Hi Ellen,

      You are most welcome.

      Please feel free to call me Kevin as opposed to BoldKevin. The bold part was a bit of a joke anyway. I live in Ireland and over here ‘being bold’ means being naughty. I have a very weird sense of humour and would often play little jokes and stuff at the church I attend and mothers would laughingly tell their children I was ‘being bold’ again and it kind of stuck.

      Hope the book is a success.
      Kind Regards


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