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Concerning the DSM-5 and well worth the read. Thanks are given to Candida for allowing us to reblog this post here.

DSM-5 First Responses

Having received a heads-up over this subject, I truly believe that The DSM-5 is an important topic for discussion. Especially since some of our members live in the USA. It seems that I am not alone in this view and I want to thank those who have commented thus far. But I think that it […]

DSM-5 and you!

Responding to a suggestion from one of our members (thanks Candida) I thought I would bring the whole subject of the DSM-5 up for discussion by our members. Now being someone who lives in Ireland but who is by nationality English and being from a military family the collective initials DSM speaks to me of […]

Dear Sarah Competition Runner’s up.

As part of the competition I promised to publish other letters which were submitted to the competition and which whilst not winning did contain some excellent information and some very useful and encouraging stuff. So, being true to that promise, here is a letter from Carla and one from Disorderly Chickadee.  I really hope you […]

Dear Sarah Competition…. WINNER!

And the winner of the Dear Sarah competition is…. This letter written by Angel Fractured… Dear Sarah, Thanks for your e-mail! Your situation sounds tough. It’s good that you’re investigating the diagnosis and receiving the diagnosis now. That way, you’re sure to be well-informed about the condition. Ever since I was in middle school, I’ve […]

Apologies for my absence

Hi all, Please accept my apologies for not having been around of late and for not updating the blog and attending to business as I should have.   Unfortunately I came down with some sort of flu-like thing which has been kicking my butt for weeks now but which I hope I am finally getting […]

Dear Sarah Competition Closes

Hi Everyone, Just a little housekeeping 🙂 The ‘Dear Sarah…’ competition is now closed and in compliance with the competition rules and fairness to those who have already entered, no more entries will be accepted. Still not well here but over the next few days I will be sharing the 3 entries that we have […]