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Apologies For Absense

Hi all,

Just a quick post to apologize for my recent absence and subsequently the delays in approving comments and memberships.

This has been down to my having been ill of late and also as a result of my having a lot of other things which simply had to be done and which were hindered by my last episode of illness.

I have today just approved and responded to the pending comments and membership requests.  But it is possible that I may have inadvertently missed one or two along the line.  If this is the case please understand that it is down to my still not being completely ‘with it’ as yet and please do not take it personally.

Simply email me or comment and I will fix it.

Kind regards and God bless.


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Member’s Profile – lilypupslife


In the spirit of sharing information about our members and the resources or writings that they offer we often run our Member’s Profile Feature.

Today I am sharing the profile of one of our newest members and I hope that you will make them feel welcome and go over and visit their blog/site.

Please remember that the information shared as part of this feature is ALWAYS provided by or at the request of the member themselves.  Although we, of course, reserve the right to edit or omit any information supplied.


My blog ‘lilypupslife‘ has been going for only one month, but has been an amazing experience.
I have battled bipolar 2 with psychotic features for approximately forty years.
The blog started as an alternative to journaling which I believe is helpful during recovery.
I am a former school teacher and administrator and work as hard as I can to reduce the stigma of mental illness.
Additionally, I speak and give presentations through the NAMI “In Our Own Voice” program.
My blog reflects my serious efforts through my recovery to “minister” to those suffering.
Struggling recently with psychosis and a serious med change, I try to encourage others through my trials.
I like to infuse a sense of humor in my writing…nothing like a laugh to heal.
I’d be honored to have anyone join me and read.
Many good thoughts to all.

Member’s Profile – One Deep Breath


As regular readers will know, in order to encourage members and so as to inform other members of all the wonderful resources and blogs out there. Every now and then I like to share Member’s Profiles.

This is always done with that member’s permission and the profiles are always written by the member who is being profiled.

Today, I am delighted to profile “One Deep Breath” and I thank the owner of that blog for both permission to do so and for the following content.

Once you have read the following profile, why not pop over and give her blog a check. It is well worth visiting.

One Deep Breath

I’ve been writing about my struggle with mental illness (specifically Borderline Personality Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder) since the beginning of last year, although my blog contains many other posts on spirituality, LGBT issues, and stories from my experiences working with adults with developmental disabilities.

My blog is a place where I try to sort out what justice, love, hope and peace mean to me. It is where I process my darkest moments and where I find light. It is called One Deep Breath because it encompasses the idea of experiencing one moment at a time, always remembering to breathe deeply and to live fully. I write because it is therapeutic, and I find it a good way to communicate ideas with others. Hope and peace are characteristics that must be cultivated, like a garden, and writing is one expression of that work.

For me, all of life is made up of small choices between life and death. Each decision we make leads us closer to one or the other. One Deep Breath is a place to remind myself that I have the power to choose life in each moment, and that life feels fuller when I pay attention to the choice. If you’d like to visit, you’ll find me at One Deep Breath.


Once again our thanks go to this blog’s owner for permission to publish this profile and apologies for the delay in doing so.  Very hectic few days :)


How to be a good friend to someone with bipolar disorder


The following post was written (and is reblogged here under their permission) by our newest member from over at The Prozac Queen blog. I hope you enjoy it and many thanks to her for allowing us to reblog it here. Kind regards and God bless you. Kevin

Originally posted on The Prozac Queen's Court:

(I’m publishing this again because I found a new resource that I think will be *immensely* helpful, both to you and your friend. Thanks to Healthline.com for bringing this to my attention!-PQ)

Hi, I’m [river in Ireland] (*cue twelve-step group greeting here*), and I have bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression. To people who have known me for a long time, this isn’t usually much of a shock. Actually, I take that back. People who have known me and been close enough to have seen some rough times aren’t usually that surprised.  As for everyone else, my friendly and talkative exterior can hide pretty much anything I want it to.  I’ve had to use this skill a lot in the past because I have had some people find out that I have bipolar and not be very nice about it. I think my favorite comment was that I was…

View original 2,327 more words


Nominated For A Leibster Award – Many, Many Thanks!

liebsterblogawardI have this morning learned that BreakdownChick over at Labeled Disabled has very kindly nominated the Guild for a Leibster Award.

I am incredibly grateful for this and you can see that nomination (and indeed Breakdown Chick’s) comments on  her own Leibster Award and this nomination by clicking ‘Labeled Disabled’ link above.

I am so very grateful for this award and for Breakdown Chick even thin king of the guild, let alone nominating us and will try to answer the nomination criteria accordingly :)

OK.  According to my understanding the first part of the process is to state 11 facts about myself.

Man I always find these things very difficult!  Additionally this blog is not really about me, it is about all of you, but it would be impossible to answer the questions for all of you so here goes…


11 Facts about myself….

1.   I am currently 53 years old.  But that changes every year :)  OK so are you starting to get the impression I struggle with this kind of ‘share about yourself’ thing?

2.  I am male.  LOL see that was relatively easy.

3.  I am a Christian who experiences mental health issues.  I think anyone who reads my personal blog(s) will already know that. But I have to point our that this blog is NOT a Christian or faith-based blog.  It is specifically mental-health related.  But these 11 facts are about me and I am struggling to find 11.

4.  I can read books which are upside down about as easily as I can read them the right way up.   Its a silly little fact I know and probably not very uncommon.  But I do find it mildly amusing to sit reading upside down and watch people’s quizzical expressions.

5.  I am really not very good at sharing about myself.  Hm is including that as one of my 11 facts about myself cheating?

6.  My brain tends to over think virtually everything,  It will hold an analytical autopsy of virtually every conversation that I have and where there has been any kind of confrontation or difference of opinion involved, it will replay it over and over.

7.  I am not (the above having [No. 6] been said) a ‘people pleaser’ per se.  I try to be a gentleman and polite and courteous, but I will not agree with someone just to please them or to avoid conflict.

8.  There are a range of emotions that I just don’t seem to experience.  These seem to be the top end emotions such as those within the range of extreme joy, excitement or elation.  It is as if somewhere along the line someone or something withdrew my permission to experience such emotions.

9.  I love to write.  Whether; blogging, books, or poetry I have always enjoyed doing so. Something that I have been seriously remiss in doing lately due to a number of health and other factors.

10.  I love to sing worship songs.  When I am worshiping it is probably one of the few situations where I can just let go.  Where my brain isn’t always in control or over-active.

11.  I am already question the suitability of my 10 previous facts. Did I mention that I over think things and am really bad at sharing about myself?

Ok.  That (excruciating painful) part over, now onto the next part.


Questions for Me… (These were set by Breakdown Chick in her nomination)

1) What is the number one reason you started blogging?

I wanted so very much to get what was going on inside my head outside of my head so to speak.  Not only in attempt to give it voice and understand it better but in the hope that by doing so others might get some encouragement from it and see that they are not alone.

2) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Finding just one thing to choose is difficult but I guess it would be to be able to experience those emotions which escape me or at least to stop my brain from circumventing the emotional processes so much

3) What is your biggest fear?

Hm. Not sure that I really do fear very much.  But I guess it would be that in my inability to feel as much as I should that I hurt others.

4) Do you have a particular coping skill for stress? What is it?

Prayer but I wouldn’t necessarily call it a coping skill.  It comes from a deep belief in God and the confidence that I gain from that belief.

5) If you had a magical power, what would it be?

The ability to bring love to anyone who needed it.  Even those who are convinced that they are loveless and unlovable.

6) What do you daydream about?

I have no idea.  I tend to just zone out and lose huge chunks of time.  Not really sure what is going on in my brain at these times.

7) If you could change one thing about your past, what would it be? Why?

I would perhaps change how I hid my mental health issues from my family for so long.  But then the question is wouldn’t it be better to change the things that caused me to feel that I had to?

8) If there was one thing you could secure in your future, what would it be? Why?

The removal of the stigma that is attached to mental illness and the resultant lack of understanding and compassion.

9) What is your favorite pastime?

Being with my children

10) Even though you are a relatively new blogger; what advice do you offer to another newbie?

Always be true to yourself but in the certain knowledge that not everyone else will be true to you.

11) What is the most important thing you want to accomplish with your blog?

In respect of this blog it is to encourage and to facilitate a community of bloggers blogging about mental health related issues.


11 Nominees – And I apologiz3e in advance for anyone who has already been nominated.

A Bipolar Journey Through The Rabbit Hole


Dysphorian Grey

Feathers Of Happenstance

Heavy Mental

I Don’t Want To Talk About It

Infinite Sadness… or hope?

Under Reconstruction

Tess of the d’Amned

Stacy’s Flutterings

Skinny In Scrubs

So there you have my 11 Nominees!

And now for the 11 Questions that I am to set my nominees…


11 Questions For You…

01. What is your all time favourite memory – or at least one which you can share with us?

02.  When did you start blogging?

03.  Did you have any specific motivation for blogging and if so what?

04.  Did you have any specific hopes in blogging, and if so what?

05.  Have those hopes been realized so far?

06.  If you could make a mobile to go above your bed – which would hold six glass bubbles holding one picture in each bubble – who or what would those pictures be of?

07.  If you were offered a big red button which would instantly take away your mental illness(es) would you press it?

08.  Name something which you feel your mental illness has prevented you from doing.

09.  Name something which you feel your mental illness has caused you to do which you might not have done.

10.  Do you struggle to blog?

11.  If you could have one person truly experience your mental illness for one whole day – would you and if so who and why?


Ok there are my 11 questions for those I have nominated.  I hope you enjoy answering them.

And again I want to say thank you to Breakdown Chick over at Labeled Disabled for nominating me.






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When Do I Tell My Kids?

This article was written by one of our members and is very much well worth the read and raises a very relevant point for many of us.

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Submitted Article.

Hi all,

I received an email from one of our members who wanted to share an article she had written with the guild.

Because this article has been published on another site which is not a WordPress site I am not able to simply rebolog it.


Additionally I did not feel comfortable simply copying and pasting the article from that site without the site owner’s permission.  Yes, the author has given permission but I still feel that I need to respect the site-owner’s intellectual property and copyright rights.


So I thought that the best way forward was to simply post a link to the article for you all :)

The link is as follows and it really is a very interesting, well written and honest article about mental health and the stigma that is all too often wrongly attached to it.

I found my preconceptions of mentally ill patients were strongly challenged.

Kind Regards and happy reading all.



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